Photo Booth Putting You In The Scene

In The Scene Booth


  • LumaMagic technology puts the customer’s image within the for background of their chosen graphical theme, offering a unique real-time user experience as well as a memorable take away from their photo booth session.
  • LumaMotion technology captures video of customers in their “virtual reality” scene, letting them re-live and share their movie-making experience with friends online.
  • The in-line camera sytem crates higher quality photos by allow inside their selected graphic theme while they simultaneously look air
  • Each graphic theme allows user to pose within 4 images, the dye sublimation photos (of the favorite poses).
  • Highly access ang share photos online via

LumaMagic and LumaMotion are trademarks of innovative Foto.
Be in The scene photo booth contains unique technologies that or

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